Ms Martina Gallivan

Dip CBT / MA – NLP

Specialist in Weight Management through behavioural modification
Ms Martina Gallivan

Ms Martina Gallivan

Weight Management Specialist

Martina Gallivan commenced practicing Weight Management over ten years ago with a particular interest in behavioural modification for weight management using (CBT) Cognitive Behavioural Therapy allied with NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming, (the study of the structure of subjective experience-exploring our thoughts and our behaviours.) Influenced by her Father who was in the Horse Racing industry and who had developed a highly disciplined eating regime, Martina’s interest in weight management started in childhood.

Through exhaustive research, her findings prove that certain triggers cause people to overeat. However with the correct use of professional therapeutic solutions, along with therapeutic mindfulness, Martina is confident this can be fully overcome and will help client’s to re-educate themselves as to their individual triggers,

With over 30years experience working in Irish corporate life, Martina’s professional non-judgemental approach to her clients has been an invaluable asset to every Organisation she has worked with.

By promoting the use of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) it has often been commented that Martina’s caring, compassionate and motivational attitude has influenced people to overcome their personal struggles in life.