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Changing the path of weight loss!

images[1]We know that a high percentage of people who try to lose weight will experience sabotaging thoughts during the process. This is a perfectly normal reaction. Part of the human psyche is to self-analyse and also to experience elements of self-doubt.


  • Can I really reach my goal weight?
  • If I achieve my goal, how can I maintain it?
  • Will being at my target weight bring extra pressures?
  • Will I constantly be in the “spotlight” with friends and family?
  • Will people be watching to see if I falter?

These are just some of the sabotaging thoughts that go through our minds daily. However if you give in to sabotaging thoughts you then go one step further and fall into the trap of “permission giving” thoughts.

  • I’ll start again tomorrow
  • I’ll start on Monday
  • I’ll just have this night out then make up for it later
  • I can’t resist this
  • I have no willpower
  • I’ve put in extra exercise this week so it’ll be fine.

What you have to do is firstly recognise, we have no power over the thousands of thoughts entering our minds on a daily basis. However we do have power over the decisions made about those thoughts. Which path will I take? A path which will allow me to break the promise of weight loss yet again? Or the path “which will be hard at first” when I try to resist giving into temptation but will ultimately be worth it in the end. To overcome temptation and build resistance you must think of the advantages of losing weight.

  • I’ll be healthier
  • I’ll be fitter
  • I’ll be more confident
  • I’ll have more energy
  • I’ll look better
  • I’ll feel in control when I eat

Weight loss isn’t easy but shouldn’t be that hard if we recognise the ability within all of us to change our own paths. The ability to change our destination is truly the one power we all possess but constantly fail to use and yet so deserve in order to lead a fulfilling life.

Take the initiative and form a new path!