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Over 50? Skin maintenance is essential!

ageing_1480190c[1]It’s really important that you should take care of your skin from an early age. Just ask any of us who used “cooking oil” to tan in the 70’s! Frytex being the most popular oil of choice I believe. Hence why are we so surprised when, years later we find ourselves ageing at a rate of knots?

Needless to say the sooner you start thinking about skin protection the better. With so many ways to tan there’s really no necessity to tan in the sun at all. Or at the very least, sun-tan for a maximum of 15minutes.

There are a few basic rules I swear by that have stood the test of time for me. In my late 30’s I started using factor 50 on my face. And not just whilst in the sun. I used it, and still do as my daily base to replace a regular moisturiser. There are lots of creams with SPF’s, but I use a complete sun block all year round. So if you’re not protecting your face from the sun and are approaching or are over 50 then start doing so.

Water is very important for keeping skin hydrated and we often underestimate its importance. My clients are aware that I advocate water for weight loss but it’s also essential for keeping skin clear. Personally if I don’t have two litres per day my skin visibly takes on a parched look. An adequate amount of water plumps the skin making it look younger.

Alcohol is another huge factor in the skin ageing process. The amount we consume plus lack of water during the drinking process results in skin becoming dehydrated, resembling a paper-like appearance, not to mention acquiring the appearance of enlarged pores bringing about that familiar leathery aged look.

Needless to say smoking is absolutely a “no go” option if you’re serious about trying to keep your skin healthy and looking fresh through to your latter years. Smoking ages the skin like nothing else.

Sugar is also extremely ageing. Unfortunately sugar is in most foods these days however it’s not only harmful from a weight management perspective but hugely important for keeping skin clear.

These are simple yet very effective steps everyone can take in order to give your skin the best possible chance of maintaining a youthful appearance well in to your 50’s and beyond, and these are some tips that have worked well for me. Wearing a high factor sunscreen, drinking lots of water, cutting down on alcohol and refraining from smoking are all very important factors in reducing the risk of accelerated ageing.