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Protein supplements. A myth for effective weight loss!

Protein-Bar-woman-eating[1]There’s a lot of marketing hype out there as to why purchasing protein supplements will help you lose weight. But I have to tell you honestly, you can lose weight just as effectively by eating normal healthy nutritious food without the requirement to purchase expensive protein bars etc…


There are a few on the market which are worth your attention should you choose this option in the initial stages of weight loss and I can see the merit in purchasing some supplements purely from a convenience point of view. But you certainly not be purchasing them indefinitely.


Firstly protein bars and the like will not help you to lose weight. They are not slimming bars. They consist of higher levels of protein which fill you for longer hence are handy to have in the glove compartment of your car or if you have an early appointment with say no time for breakfast.


Most companies who promote the use of protein bars (supplements) have one thing in mind. They want to sell their product. They’re out to make money and a lot of their profit is made up from the sale of these supplements.


My programme is all about eating the correct levels of nutrients without the requirement to purchase additional supplements. But I am more than happy to recommend a few protein supplements which are sold in some supermarkets etc… should my clients wish to choose that option. However I make it clear it’s purely up to the individual whether they decide to make that purchase or not.


I am horrified by the promotion of sugary bars currently being dressed up by manufacturers as “healthy protein bars”. They’re mostly full of either sugar or fat.


Weight loss is so much more than what you eat. Fundamentally it’s about behavioural change. Being prepared to change the way you think is the key to effective weight loss.