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Redefine yourself in 2016!!



Now that you’re in to another Year, this is the ideal time to redefine priorities and to conquer your weight for good.

One mistake people make just after Christmas is because they’ve been so diligent throughout the Christmas period and have been so good at monitoring their calorific intake, they subconsciously fall into the usual post-Christmas trap of rewarding themselves.

Believe it or not this is an extremely easy trap to fall into. Your mind has been on a heightened state of alert over Christmas and therefore you’re prepared for potential pit-falls. However at the beginning of January suddenly it’s “panic over” and your mind is sending relaxation messages, hence your body becomes a complacent and off guard.

It’s at this relaxation stage that you need to be even more alert and mindful of “rewarding yourself” for being so good over the Christmas period. Of course you’ve done really well to get to this point but remember you’re not there yet. You haven’t yet achieved your personal goal and you still have work to do to get there.

This is the time to bring everything back to basics and continue on with your journey. You do deserve some type of reward for being so good over Christmas but do it with a “non-food” reward. Use the January sales to buy an item of clothing you hope to fit into when you reach your target.

In Weight loss slip ups are natural and you wouldn’t be human if you didn’t have the occasional falling off from your programme. But see it for what it is and don’t use one slip to derail the whole process. If you do then you’re more likely to beat yourself up at the next slip and you risk falling into the trap of continuous self-sabotage.

If on the other-hand you recognise pit-falls it will make it easier for you to deal with these slips and you can then begin developing your own personal strategy for those times when you do find things a little difficult.

Begin now to reaffirm your plan. Keep tracking your daily food diary. Continue to pre-plan in advance which foods you need to have in the house so you won’t be caught out. Keep focussed on the benefits that weight loss will bring and the personal sense of achievement you’ll feel when you reach your goal.