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Self confidence for the over 50’s woman!


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I meet a lot of women who are extremely confident having been through the usual life experiences, finally having reached the pinnacle of their life cycle.

However there are so many more women whom when they reach the age of 50 begin to panic about not having done enough with their lives and are left with the sense of underachievement. They lack in self-confidence due to for example a turbulent relationship, a redundant job, or the fact they just don’t feel appreciated by their family any longer.

What they’re not seeing is that at 50, women have been through every imaginable experience possible. They are proof positive that you can reach 50 yet still be considered to be strong, independent and elegant, commanding respect from not only your peers but society in general. We’re also far more financially independent than our Mothers ever were.

Women in this age bracket seem to think men don’t look at them anymore. They’re convinced men would only go for someone who is much younger and for often those clichéd reasons that dating say a 23year old brings. This is true to a certain extent but in my opinion says more about the type of man who would do this. I have asked men who are also in their 50’s their opinion on women of a similar age and why so many men appear to choose to date younger women. Many tell me they don’t necessarily want a younger woman. In an ideal world they would want to be with a mature woman with life experiences and one who values herself more than anything else, but they find that women in their 50’s take themselves far too seriously. I beg to differ here. I believe it’s the men who are not taking themselves seriously enough in an attempt at recapturing their own lost youth.

Another factor is lot of women think they are “over the hill” from a career perspective. This is absolutely not the case. Statistics have proven that countless women have started their own businesses in their 50’s – myself included. I have friends who are in their 50’s beginning to excel in their career and finding the confidence to put themselves forward for promotions. And it makes perfect sense. We have years of work experience. We’re mature, know how to manage people and theoretically should have more time on our hands as children have moved on.

If I were advising any woman how to gain in self-confidence and self-esteem, I would begin by asking her to thoroughly analyse her strengths instead of focussing on perceived weaknesses. To see herself as a capable, intelligent woman who could have endless possibilities within her reach if she just let herself begin to think differently. Because when you really sit back and think of it, the only thing that’s holding you back is yourself!