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The Importance of Water

Tip of the Week…

This week we’re focusing on the importance of water in diet. Since 70% of our body is made up of water it is crucial to drink between 2-3litres daily. Water flushes toxins from our body, assists in poor digestion, combats headaches and is great for constipation. It improves our cognitive performance and our ability to concentrate. From a weight management perspective it is an essential component as it pushes sugars from the body quicker and is a great filler for those times when we crave foods. Also, believe it or not we occasionally mistake hunger for thirst.

…and according to our own in house medical surgeon Dr Smith…

Dr Smith says,
As a facial and aesthetic surgeon I cannot stress the importance of water in our diet enough. Not only from a health perspective, but externally also as its effect on our skin can be dramatic. It plumps up and nourishes skin and helps to efficiently regenerate skin cells.”