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Time to make time at 50!

2015-08-18 11.00.08I have spoken to many women in their 50’s who have reared families and worked hard at their careers whilst juggling time and family obligations as well as trying to manage themselves in the process.

The message I’m hearing is that women, particularly in their 50’s are genuinely tired and just worn out with life. It appears they’ve lost their sense of identity and struggle to regain some self-control.

But it is possible to re-develop your personal sense of self again, however in order to do so there has to be an element of selfishness involved.

I underst and that family is the most precious element of the complete package of how we live life but there’s no reason to put yourself last in the equation.

For women in their 50’s, we all remember how our Mothers worked hard at rearing which was sometimes very large families and whom had little time for themselves let alone dream of ever having a career. Subsequently their independence was eroded due to having to rely on the man of the house to provide financial support.

Thankfully those days are now long gone with women fulfilling careers and providing an independence unheard of years ago.

However, there is an inequality about the total running of the family / household whereby frequently the female in the home not only has to fulfil a career sometimes working very long hours, but she is also expected to have planned and budgeted for household groceries, university fees or paying household bills, and many women I have spoken with complain they have very little of their hard earned salaries left over at the end of the month to spend on themselves.

But isn’t it time that women did think beyond taking responsibility for “everything?” In my opinion all women and especially those in their 50’s need to do some soul searching by allowing themselves to finally live life. Play golf, go clothes shopping for yourself if that’s what you want to do. Have a massage or facial and not because someone else treated you for Christmas but because you want to do it for yourself. Doing something for yourself is not about being completely selfish, it’s more about thinking of yourself for a change. It’s about regaining your sense of self, or you could call it finding yourself again.

And I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s nothing wrong with that?