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To Botox or not to Botox!

img8The quest for youth is doubtless making companies billions of dollars, and largely in the form of expensive moisturisers. And it has to be said, I was a push-over for the “latest” product on the market. I’d think “this is it! This is the one that’s going to make me look 10 years younger, only to discover there was really no difference between a product which cost €300 and one which cost, say, €15. Sure enough, I did see a difference in the texture of my skin with the more expensive products. Certainly my skin was softer but it didn’t “reduce the signs of ageing” as the tag line suggests.

We’re all susceptible to the clever ways in which Ad agencies make us believe in a product. That’s their brief after all. And we desperately want to believe the enthusiastic sales person in some upmarket department store when they tell us this is the product “to the stars.” But I’ve tried the lot, the facials, the creams, and now in my 50’s I’m of the belief that in order to hold back the years you need to take good care of your skin (as last week’s blog suggests) and possibly consider a facial filler like Botox or Juvederm.

I started using Botox when I turned 40 and haven’t looked back. I wanted to freshen my appearance and to lose that tired washed out look we all suffer from occasionally, so I decided to research the product. There was a lot of negative connotations about Botox 10 years ago “It’s a poison,” “no one can tell what will happen in future if you use it” etc…but I have to say having used it for all these years, it’s the only product that has made my skin look 10 years younger, kept the wrinkles at bay and given me a more “rested appearance.”

A couple of things to be mindful of, though. Be very careful of whom you get to administer any facial fillers. There are people who really shouldn’t be practising and don’t have the experience that say a qualified medic would. Always check the medical credentials of whomever you choose. You don’t want to end up with that frozen look.

Also, once you experience what Botox or any facial filler can do for you it’s very difficult from keep getting it topped up. Be prepared for the cost factor here. However it’s not expensive compared to the amount of money wasted on moisturisers and facials and in my opinion it works.

I don’t intend this article to push any particular product but to date, and for me, there hasn’t been any other discernible breakthrough in anti-ageing treatments on the market that can actually deliver a younger looking appearance. So for that reason alone, I ‘m definitely an advocate. However as we’re all aware, it’s completely a personal choice.