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Weight Loss Tips


Over the next few weeks on this Facebook page I’ll be sharing tips about losing weight and how to deal with personal challenges and emotions that every individual who has ever lost weight experiences during their progress.

Week 1.
Throughout any weight loss journey you must firstly identify the benefits of losing weight. Ask yourself “what’s in it for me?” “What do I want to see as an end result for my efforts?” The list of benefits are endless – more energy, better health, more self confidence, increased self esteem, not to mention being able to fit into smaller clothes sizes. Being able to walk with purpose and without feeling other people are looking at you etc… Write down a list of benefits and advantages of losing weight. This will immediately give you a sense of personal self control. So this week write down your own goals in a diary and look at it every day. The advantage of seeing it will reinforce the strength you’ll need to keep going!

Feel free to share this blog with anyone you think may benefit from it. Watch out for Tip 2 next week!!

Martina Gallivan