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You can’t fill a full glass!

Glasses-of-wine-002[1]When you’re in the process of losing weight social occasions shouldn’t be an issue. Yet people frequently panic about food and drink at these events. Alcohol is as calorific as some calorie laden foods. I describe alcohol as “liquid cake,” as there are similar amounts of calories in both.


Your enjoyment on a night out shouldn’t be curtailed but remember, if you’re trying to lose weight you need to be mindful of reducing the amount of alcohol you consume.


Peer pressure is difficult to deal with where alcohol is concerned what with friends urging you to “just have one more”. But if you permit them to dictate the way your evening is going you’re on a slippery slope to not achieving your weight loss goal.


So the best way to deal with someone who continually pours alcohol into your glass is to slow down your alcohol consumption. It’s impossible to fill a glass that’s already full so this is a great way to still have a good time socially yet not draw too much attention to yourself.